Special Event @ AT&T Park: Giants vs Rockies

Date: September 28, 2016

(ISC)² SF Chapter held an exclusive meeting @ AT&T Park. Private venue, courtesy of Symantec, offers a unique opportunity to enjoy unparalleled views of the game from their corporate suite.

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Event Sponsor
Jeremy Wittkop
Future of DLP
Cybersecurity is at a crossroads. Our perimeter castle walls are no longer sufficient to protect against the rapidly evolving cyber threats of today’s global environment. While technologies such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) are experiencing resurgence among cyber security professionals, the quest to successfully prevent data loss is still a work in progress.
Join Jeremy Wittkop, InteliSecure’s Chief Technology Officer, as he explores the immediate future of data loss prevention, revealing where cyber security innovators are headed and the tools they are using to get there.
About Jeremy
As Chief Technology Officer at InteliSecure, Jeremy leads a team that investigates and ensures the integrity and functionality of every custom solution designed for its clients. Jeremy also focuses on evaluating potential new offerings for InteliSecure customers, developing solutions that address the new and ever-changing security risks to the enterprise.
Prior to joining InteliSecure, Jeremy served as a field service technician and maintenance mechanic team lead with General Dynamics. With experience in private industry and as a field service technician/armor crewmember with the U.S. Army, Jeremy brings a unique perspective to today’s evolving security threats.