Security Salon: Dinner at Oakland’s Grocery Café

Date: August 27, 2015

For our next event, we are offering the unique opportunity to share a dinner and casual conversation with an in-the-trenches large company leader of security compliance. 

Why Do Enterprise IT Security Projects Fail?
(And What You Can Do About It)

Hear Doug Meier, Director, GRC at Pandora present this topic, and then capitalize on the opportunity to pick his brain when his mouth is full on his day-to-day challenges and his outlook on the future of security.  

Dinner will be an elaborate prix fixe of unusual Burmese dishes with such proteins as quail, duck, and lamb paired with carefully chosen wines and beverages.  The owner of this restaurant grows championship chilies behind the restaurant; so for you hot-heads, you can singe your palates with exquisite hot condiments.  We will have a nice dessert to finish.  You will leave stuffed – belly and cranium.  We will need to limit the number of attendees, so register ASAP.  All inclusive: $45 for Chapter members and $50 for guests.


Doug Meier, Director, GRC at Pandora

Doug has 20+ years of experience designing, staffing, and managing Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Security, Information Security, IT GRC, and related programs for Silicon Valley Internet companies. He likes the daily challenge of directing teams of talented people on critical business initiatives. He likes the excitement of bringing talented people together to solve business problems. And he enjoys working independently on program planning, security research and investigation, and vendor technology assessment and evaluation.  Doug defines teamwork as taking ownership of problems and solutions, taking responsibility for communicating, and following through until the job is done. That’s the main reason he has been successful in a range of corporate cultures in Silicon Valley, from start-up to global enterprise.